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Who We Are & What We Do?

Getting to know the people behind Well Soya.
From Our Kitchen to Yours

The very first product to be made was tofu and like most cuisines it started in our kitchen and it was made with love by our mother and father. What slowly became a well known family treat for us, friends and relatives, later became the Well Soya that you know today.  

Over the years we have tried and tested MANY different methods and have finally made it into the recipe it is today. We have now produced a strong line of growing quality products that has also taken its course of many trial and errors before we were satisfied that it can make it's way to stores and into your homes.

Our loyal customers will agree that quality is something we do not compromise on and it is hard to find the same taste elsewhere. From sourcing quality ingredients to ensuring goods are packaged to health and safety standards; we pride ourselves in ensuring everyone can taste fresh soya produce as it should taste as if you were in Asia. 

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